Known Scammers

Please note the following list of known lease transfer scammers that have either been reported to or directly through this web site.

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Company Website Contact
Unknown Unknown Farzan Farmani
Unknown Unknown Rick Cohen
Unknown Unknown Linda Miller
Unknown Unknown Ryan D. McFarren
All In One Automotive Sales LLC Amanda Sanchez
Alliance Auto Group Dee Anderson
Alliance Deposition Group na
Alliance Financial Services Unknown Doug McCaffity
AMG Motor Sports David Byrnes
Asset Management Global (A.M.G.) Scott ?
Atlanta Chariots Unknown Shawn Morrison
ATLAS Asset Exchange Bill Cole
Auto Management Group Gerardo Restrepo
Autobahn Wealth & Associates Joshua Reyes LLC Max Martin
AW Associates & Highline David Byrnes
Best Auto Solutions4u Corday Handy
Blue Water Partnership Matt Martinez
Capital Leasing Co. Mike Chapman
Capital Leasing Company LLC Stacy Hallwell
Celebrity Auto www.celebrityllc.xom Zachary Turnage
Company Premier Capital David Byrnes
Conversion Drive Walter
Corporate Lease Solutions Chase Wright
Dancy Power Sports Unknown Macky Dancy
Dream Cars International Unknown Dylan Keshmir
Early Lease Jeffrey Eldridge
Easi Rides David ONeal
Easy Exotic Cars Max Wynn
Elite Leasing Company na Jason Morgan
Equity Lease Takeover Mike Allen
Exclusive Auto Group Inc. Scott King
Exotic Lease Transfer Jeff Bluthenthal
Exotico, LLC Al Cook
Exoticstoday, LLC Unknown Lyle Livesay
EZ Way Leasing Adam Taylor
Fleet Export, Inc. Larry King
GAC Motors Brian Guyton
Global Leasing Co. John Smith
Gold Coast Investments na na
Handy Auto Options Dee Anderson
Haven Jeff Haven
Houston Motorcar Sales na Dennis Kane
Inscore Funding Group Unknown
JB Luxury Cars James McGregor
Jupiters Chariot Unknown Raymond Cloyd
Lease Baron Auto Lease Company Jeff Eldredge
Lease Master USA Ryan Casey Chase Wright
Legacy Motorcars Ltd Unknown Seth Davis
Luxe Lease Transfer Geoff Hull
Luxe Transfer Unknown
Luxotic Motoring Ltd David Van Patten
Luxury Auto Group LLC Jerry Ruiz
Luxury Group Partners LLC Jerry Ruiz
Luxury Lease Mark Herrel
Luxury Lease Exchange Josh Burns
Luxury Whips Rick Dillard
M and H Leasing Mark Harold
M& L Leasing LLC Mike Marks
Majestic Motoring Steve Diraimo
Metropolitan Asset Group Daniel Barnhill
Motorsport Negotiators Unknown
NAA Lease Take-Over Marketplace na
National Leasing Group Co Brian Cooper
Newport Beach Capital Group California Unknown Mike Pham
NMIG Unknown Russell Hannon
Open Lease Transfer Jefrii Eldridge
Oracle Motoring Group Bryce Bingham
Perferred Auto Management Unknown Nick Sartini
Platinum Image Motorsports Matt Martinez
Platinum Leasing Company Mike Williams
Premier Auto Brokers Unknown Josh Burns
Premier Capital/Dream Machine Prem. Leasing David Byrnes, Jason Denman, Amanda Seminoff
Premier Lease Group Mike Williams
Prestige Inc. Exotic Rentals Greg King
Prestige Leasing Inc. John Waller, Gregory King, Jon Wallen
Pure Motoring Group Mike Pacquiao
Pureasset Ivestment Corp Henry Stuckey
Red Carpet Motoring Unknown Lynnette Carr
Red Viper Media Geoffrey Hull
Remington Motorcars Craig McDermott Geoff Eldridge
Shift Geoff Hull
Signature Leasing Mark Herrel
Skyline Motorcars Ltd Unknown Michael Brantley
Skyline Sales & Leasing Josh Matthews
Specialized Auto Finacne Mike Nguyen
Standard Motor Group Geoffrey Hall
Status Motorcars Ltd Unknown Patrick Connelly
Stellar Wealth Management Katiann Morgan
Summit Leasing Travis Cohen
The Lease Brokers Bill Buckley
Token Auto Group Geoff Hall
Torque torque Geoff Eldredge
UNICO Auto Group Max Pacquiao
Veer Geoff Eldridge
Walk Away Lease Shauna Martinez
Wealth Management 411 Tyler

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